Wondering how to increase your number of followers, gain a lot of attention for your brand and go viral on Social Media with great content and bold strategy without breaking the bank?

It’s quite complex and easy at the same time. It’s like a rubik’s cube, you think you would solve one in a few seconds until you actually hold it in your hands.

Let’s get into it.

Step 1


You don’t want to have the wrong crowd following you on Social Media. For example; a brand that sells diapers and baby items needs more adult females followers than young males. Agree?

Once you’ve defined the age range, gender, occupation, location or habits of your potential followers, it would help you to create content that would resonate with them, thereby making it easy for them to convert and become customers.

Well, incase you’ve had male football fans following your make-up brand on Instagram…

wrong followers on social media

So wrong!

Step 2


Before you get swayed by big words, “Content Strategy” boils down to a simple plan of what you intend to post on your social media pages.

A balanced content strategy should be comprise of 3 pillars


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The 3 Amigos of Social Media Content

First Amigo – Engaging Content

Second Amigo – Educational Content

Third Amigo – Commercial Content

Why Engaging Content?

In the world of Social media marketing, Content is King but, Engagement is Queen.

People open their devices and spend time on Social Media is to ease off, laugh, see funny stuff and connect with others.

When your brand posts engaging content; content that makes your followers to Retweet, Like, Share, Comment or Re-post, they are 60% more likely to engage with your brand thereby giving your brand more visibility on Social Media

This pillar of content should be at least 50% of your overall strategy.

Why Educational Content?

You need to establish your brand as an authority in your niche, that way you become a go-to source for information and opinion.

Create content around the common questions your customers would have around your products. For instance; how to use the product, How to spot fakes, How to make payments, How to Shop online, When to expect delivery of item, How to contour and highlight etc

This pillar should be 25% of your overall viral content strategy.

Why Commercial Content?

To convert your followers in to customers, you need to make it easy for them to buy your products. This third pillar of content should put forward the items you want to sell.

Make it easy for them to convert, State the prices of the items, discount offer available and how to place orders for the items.

This pillar should be 25% of your overall viral content strategy.

step 3


Hold up! There’s more.

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